Lago Living

Lago living finds a large area inside Di Mauro Arredi shop in Zafferana Etnea. You can find the best of the producet Lago and other brands

Loto Table

Loto is a square table with seating for four additional guests:the table extensions open up like petals and hospitality blooms for get-togethers and socialising.

Kinoki Table

An octagonal table where the slenderness of its steel structure contrasts with the warm substantiality of Wildwood.

Comfort Table

The Comfort Table innovates the concept of immobility and physicality behind traditional tables,

Axys Table

Ayxs is an elegant, original glass table designed to surprise.

Round Air Table

The soft shape of the round Air table creates a relaxed atmosphere in your home, which facilitates conversation and sharing.

Air MadeTerraneo Table

With its top suspended on delicate plate glass supports, the Air MadeTerraneo table is a design table characterised by a key element of traditional Mediterranean design:

Extendable Air Table

We designed an extendable table for your guests. The Extendable Air Table lets you add seating for up to 4 additional guests, extending both your table surface and your hospitality.

Air Table

The Air Table is elegant, generous, lightweight and designed for the life that happens around it. Sitting down at this large table gives you the unique experience of sharing a moment suspended in the daily flow of life.

Lastika Armchair

A colourful armchair The seat of the Lastika armchair is made up of forty elastic bands.

Huggy Armchair

A bed for unexpected guests Huggy is perfect if you have unexpected guests and need an extra bed.

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