Lago Bedrooms





The Vele Bed headboard is made up of three fabric- or leather-covered panels that provide lots of space for setting objects.


Sleep tight in a beautiful, healthy frame The Frame Bed unites the lightness of glass with the weight of Wildwood

Fluttua Bed

A bed with just one leg You can now sleep suspended in the air, with Fluttua, the world’s first suspended bed, defying the forces of gravity and supported by a single height-adjustable leg


A bed as comfortable and welcoming as a nest Sleeping in the Colletto Bed is like being nestled in a soft visual and sound barrier.

Air Wildwood Bed

An oak parallelepiped set up in the bedroom that seems almost like the trunk of a 200-year-old tree, acting at the headboard of a bed suspended on extra-clear glass supports.

Air Bed

Air is a floating, ethereal, sexy bed. The base for the bed is suspended on four almost invisible sheets of glass, which lend a sensation of amazing lightness to the design.