Battistella Living

A furniture project capable of creating elegant, comfortable home interiors, where modular systems are designed to bring together function and aesthetics. Novamobili strives to meet the demands of contemporary lifestyles with its range of clean-lined designs and extensive choice of finishes, stemming from research into materials and texture and its application to interiors. 

From walk-in closets to beds and drawer units, from bookcases to sofas and even occasional furniture, Battistella offers a comprehensive, flexible furniture system featuring a whole host of solutions designed to inject personality into every room.




Friday, 26 May 2017 07:37

Tables and chairs

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Solid elements and voids, colour and texture enhance the aesthetic and functional qualities of the collection's tables and chairs.

Sofas and armchairs

A creative vision of relaxation and comfort spawns sofas and armchairs with generous, enveloping forms.


Modular sofas that come in various sizes, with removable fabric or leather covers, featuring compact volumes or a simple, slimline design.

Friday, 26 May 2017 07:31

Bookcases Battistella

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Successfully delivering storage options with a new twist, these bookcases are modular solutions with a strong personality that add a decorative touch to any room while defining the space.

Armchairs Battistella

Elegant and colourful, with simple, soft shapes, these armchairs sit comfortably in living areas and bedrooms alike.